The Pathmaker

The Labyrinth RP Mods

New Event!
Dates: September 2nd-7th
Character Name: Zatharas

World/Series: Darken Comic

Wish: To continue traveling through worlds

Goblinification: Darken Comic cast members will loose the memory of the specific layout of a building that was important to them from home.
Suggested Event: Canon swap!
Zatharas’ wish will make each captive of the Labyrinth into an AU version of him/herself. Each character will remember the same basic backstory and history, but all of those events will take place in the rubric of another canon. For example, Ishtar might be a Ouran Academy student instead of a medieval princess, and Zatharas might be a powerful mutant instead of a shade sorcerer. You may choose any canon to move your character to for the length of the event, including canons with no players in the game if you choose.
When the event ends, your muses’ normal memories will return.

You can plot in comments if you so choose.


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